Indija Anderson


Indija started her performing arts obsession at the age of 10 in Queensland on the Sunshine Coast. Born and raised in the outback, no matter how little dancing there was on offer at the time Indija always found a way to entertain.

She started off in Jazz and Tap dance classes and realised her feet had an enormous passion for tap. After being involved in all other dance styles such as Musical Theatre, Hip-hop, Ballet and Contemporary Indija felt the craving to step outside her comfort zone and enter an entirely different world, singing. Indija started her vocal training at the age of 16 under the coaching of Chelsea Gibb (Roxy Heart in the West End production of "Chicago”).

Indija moved to Sydney in 2013 to begin her study at Ed5international under the direction of William A Forsythe and graduated with a diploma in Performing Arts at the end of 2014.

... standout artistic achievement
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