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    The Sunday Herald Sun
  • ... standout artistic achievement
    The Advertiser
  • (A) bold, vibrant and vigorous group of tap dancers and musicians... their performance is so tight, coherent and strong.
    Jill Sykes, Sydney Morning Herald
  •, clever, contemporary hour that blends percussive rhythms, music, dance and songs.
    Kate Herbert, Herald Sun
  • B.P.M. It's a heart-starter.
    Kate Herbert, Herald Sun
  • I was in heaven... the cunning fusion of dancers and musicians makes this a performance well worth seeing again.
    In The Mix
  • The fusion of dancers and musicians is cunning.
    Kate Herbert, Herald Sun
  • Innovative, cheeky and energetic. There is nothing else like it in our theatres today.
    Kate Herbert, Herald Sun
  • Music and dance are tightly interwoven to an invigorating whole... captivated an audience of subteens to grandmas.
    Jill Sykes, Sydney Morning Herald
  • Beats Per Minute, was simple, yet brilliant
    Deborah Searle, Dance Infoma
  • A breath of fresh, very cool, air... could easily work in New York or London.
    Catherine Lambert, Sunday Herald
  • I can see this show being a hit on stage, as well as on the streets
    Deborah Searle, Dance Infoma
  • Just over an hour in their company and you could take on the world!
    Jill Sykes, The Sydney Morning Herald
  • Look for the unexpected this time around when this ensemble takes the stage.
    Steven Woodruff, DancePlug
  • I haven't seen great rhythm tap like that since Savion Glover
    Aliya Perry, The Industry Voice
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The Sunday Herald Sun