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WITH the beat down pat, Beats Per Minute were looking for something spectacular to top their last shows, said creator Nathan Sheens.

“When we started this we never knew how much it would blow up,” he said. “Now with our next tour we are wanting to give something more to the audience.”

BPM intertwines tap, vocals, bass guitar, and drums, layering live rhythms to invent a new interpretation of the art of tap.

“We just want our audiences to love our show and involve themselves in the music,” Sheens said.

“The new show is a blend of everything. We have incorporated something for classic tap dancers, contemporary tap dancers, and music and dancing lovers alike.

“We even catered for guitar lovers with a set including guitar rhythms.”

The sizzling show has toured internationally and enjoyed sellout seasons at the Sydney Opera House.

Sheens was an original cast member, dance director and lead performer in the highly acclaimed and much-loved Tap Dogs.

Along with dynamic performer and choreographer Glyn Gray, a featured dancer in Baz Luhrmann’s movie Moulin Rouge, he created the electrifying fusion of physicality, pulsating beats and energetic sounds that has set hearts racing all over the world.

Sheens and Gray raced against the clock to choose a name for the show.

“We were in the studio and we knew we had our first gig coming up but we couldn’t work out a name,” Sheens said.

“After a while we started listening to the music and something just clicked. We loved the beats and we loved how many of them there were in a minute, so we put two and two together.”

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Innovative, cheeky and energetic. There is nothing else like it in our theatres today.
Kate Herbert, Herald Sun